Wie die Musikindustrie schachert

Es ist schon interessant, wie anwaltliche Vertreter der Musikindustrie mit den Schadensersatzforderungen ihrer Mandanten umgehen: Ausgangsforderung: 5.000 Euro. Nach begründetem Widerspruch: 3.000 Euro. Nach eisigem Schweigen: 1.400 Euro. Das alles steht in einem beredten Kontrast zu den seitenlangen Ausführungen zur Sach- und Rechtslage. Alles eindeutig, alles kein Problem. Ja, wenn das so ist, warum kommt sie dann nie, die in jedem Schreiben angekündigte Klage?

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The Pirate Bay Will Decentralize Its Operations (Updated)

Earlier today The Pirate Bay announced that it would be acquired by Global Gaming Factory X (GGF) who are listed on the Swedish stock market. So, Pirate Bay users can not only share files but they can buy a share of the site as well. Perhaps even more significant for the BitTorrent community is the thus far unreported decision to close down the BitTorrent tracker. Up until today Pirate Bay’s public tracker connected more than half of all BitTorrent users but this is about to change. Pirate Bay’s[…]

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Dutch Gov. Wants To Tax Online Media To Fund Print

Godefricus writes “Outrage ensued among Dutch techie and media websites, after a government report advised that the dwindling print media industry should be financially supported by the online industry (Google translation; Dutch original here). The idea is to help the old media fund ‘innovative initiatives.’ The suggested implementation of the plan is by taxing a percentage of each ISP subscription, and give the money to the papers. The report, which was solicited by the Dutch parliament and wri[…]

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