On the 13th and 14th of May 2013, 120 enthusiasts will gather in Oslo, Norway – for 2 days of Scala and functional programming on the JVM.

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Bean Validation: Bean Validation roadmap

Bean Validation standardizes constraint definition, declaration and validation for the Java platform. Its first incarnation has been widely popular amongst the Java community in both SE and EE environments.

Being a version 1.0, Bean Validation stayed on the conservative side feature wise. The community has expressed interest in additional features to enhance the work done in the first version of the specification.

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pocorall/scaloid · GitHub

Scala is cool. Writing Android applications with Scala is also a cool idea. Because Android exposes Java APIs, we need some utility library to leverage full power of Scala. Scaloid is a library aimed to simplify your Android code.

For example, the code block shown below:

val button = new Button(context)
button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
  def onClick(v: View) {
    Toast.makeText(context, "Hello!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()

is reduced to:

SButton("Greet", toast("Hello!"))

pocorall/scaloid · GitHub.

BTrace — Project Kenai

BTrace is a safe, dynamic tracing tool for the Java platform. BTrace can be used to dynamically trace a running Java program (similar to DTrace for OpenSolaris applications and OS). BTrace dynamically instruments the classes of the target application to inject tracing code (“bytecode tracing”). Tracing code is expressed in Java programming language. There is also integration with DTrace for the OpenSolaris platform.

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Tripliser is a Java library and command-line tool for creating triple graphs from XML. It is particularly suitable for data exhibiting any of the following characteristics:

Messy – missing data, badly formatted data, changeable structure)

Bulky – large volumes

Volatile – ongoing changes to data and structure, e.g. feeds

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liquidform – Language Integrated QUeries For ORM – Google Project Hosting

LIQUidFORM stands for Language Integrated QUeries For Object Relational Mapping and is a Java library that provides a Java Domain Specific Language for building type-safe and refactoring proof JPA queries.


The project draws its inspiration from the LINQ project, but its aim is only to help in writting JPA queries against your domain model. See the Scope section for a thorough understanding of what LIQUidFORM is and what it is not.

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